Our campsite is located among coniferous forests, by the Borek lake shore. This place is far away from the crowds and noise, therefore it can be considered a real escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our campsite is guarded and is fitted with lighting. It is covered with grass. There are toilet and bathroom facilities available at the campsite. In addition, there is a separate washing-up station protected by a roof. It is possible to connect to electricity sockets from any place within the campsite. You will just need to use an extension, which, depending of the demand, is a few or a few dozen meters long.

Campsite price list:

  • Tent - 15 PLN per night
  • Camper - 30 PLN per night
  • Connection to electricity - 15 PLN per night
  • Adult - 15 PLN per night
  • Child under 8 years old - 10 PLN per night
  • Child under 4 years old - free of charge
  • Camper parking - 1500 PLN (3 months package)
  • Camper parking - 4500 PLN (one year package)