„Nad Borkiem” Holiday Resort is situated on the picturesque Borek Lake. The lake is a perfect spot to try out diving for the first time and discover the beauty of underwater world. The place is also ideal for night diving among luxuriant reeds. For more advanced and demanding divers, the Borek Lake would be an excellent, all-year base from where they can travel to dive in the German lake of Helenesee and in Łagów Lubuski. Our resort offers the possibility to store and dry diving equipment and refill diving tanks.

The Helenesee lake is situated 45 km away from Borek. It was formed as a result of flooding of a huge opencast mine. The lake assures extraordinary transparency and visibility which ranges even up to 15 meters. There are two diving bases on the lake shore. Nearby, a lot of things were sunk in order to make your time under water more interesting. Divers who need an adrenaline rush will for sure want to see the huge walls of brown coal, which were created during coal exploitation, as well as descend to the depth of 57 meters. What is more, by Helenesee one can go inside the well which transported groundwater from the old mine. At this place, the bottom of the lake is about 15 m deep. If you swim near the bottom, you will see the building which reaches the 12th meter. Going inside the well gives a possibility to descend below the level of the lake bottom, up to 60 meters down. Although this is very risky, there are a lot of adventurers who managed to see all the secrets of the well with their own eyes. These attractions are not available to the clients of a diving centre on Helenesee. If you would like to be guided through the walls and make a deep dive or have a look inside the well, come and visit us!

Łagów Lubuski with its two beautiful lakes is situated within an hour’s drive from our resort. You can make a deep dive in one of those lakes and see one of the two walls (clayey or coal one), which were created during the last ice age. On your way, you can dive into the Kosobudz lake, which is clean and rich in underwater flora and fauna. You will not see such a great number of pikes during a single dive anywhere else.
The famous German quarries: Horka, Werto and Prelle are located within less that two hours drive.

The price of the trip to Helenesee, including a guide and instructor amounts to 150 PLN per a group of 4 people.

Zapraszamy także na intro, czyli próbne nurkowanie podczas którego będziesz mógł osobiście się przekonać jakie to niesamowite uczucie oddychać pod wodą. Czas trwania ok. 20 minut, koszt 50zł osoba. Kwota ta jest w przyszłości odliczana od ceny kursu nurkowania robionego w naszej firmie.
Istnieje też możliwość przeprowadzenia intro na basenie lub nad innym jeziorem niż Borek, lecz wtedy trzeba doliczyć koszt dojazdu.

Podczas tygodniowego pobytu w ośrodku „Nad Borkiem” istnieje możliwość odbycia kursu nurkowania, kończącego się zdobyciem certyfikatu płetwonurka PADI OWD.  Lub podniesienia już posiadanych uprawnień PADI, do stopnia AOWD, DEEP DIVER, NITROX, EFR, RESCUE, WRECK itd.
Koszt podstawowego kursu PADI Open Water Diver  to 1000zł (brak dodatkowych kosztów).

If you already have diver qualifications and you would like to dive on your own in one of the nearby lakes but you do not have the necessary equipment - NO PROBLEM!

  • Renting the full diving equipment with a full diving tank - 80 PLN per day
  • Have your own equipment but want to refill your tank? Air - 1,50 PLN per liter.